Pita Inn Lunch Special Hours and Food Details

Pita Inn welcomes diners to indulge in their lunch specials from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM on weekdays and extends its offerings until 4:00 PM on weekends. The menu boasts an array of Mediterranean delights, with a focus on dishes such as shawarma, falafel, and various marinated meats that cater to a range of palates.

For those exploring vegetarian or vegan lifestyles, there’s an ample selection of dishes to choose from, ensuring no one misses out on the flavorful experience. Highly recommended items include the succulent kabobs and the rich, creamy hummus, which are perennial favorites among patrons. To enhance the dining experience, Pita Inn offers a selection of beverages, including the refreshing mint lemonade and the robust Turkish coffee, perfect for rounding off a delectable meal.

Pita Inn operates in multiple locations, ensuring that no matter where you are, you’re likely to find a spot near you to enjoy its exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. Each location is designed to provide a welcoming atmosphere, making it ideal for both casual lunches and formal gatherings.

Pita Inn’s specialty lies not only in its authentic Mediterranean cuisine but also in the value it offers. The lunch specials are competitively priced, making it an attractive option for a high-quality meal without breaking the bank. Amenities such as ample seating, efficient service, and a family-friendly environment add to the appeal, making it a go-to destination for many.

Below is a table detailing Pita Inn’s opening and closing hours throughout the week, ensuring you can plan your visit accordingly:

DayOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday11:00 AM3:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM3:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM3:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM3:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM3:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM4:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM4:00 PM

Visit Pita Inn for an unmatched dining experience that brings the essence of the Mediterranean to your plate, complemented by a welcoming atmosphere and excellent service.

Pita Inn Lunch Special Timings

Pita Inn’s lunch specials, featuring favorites like shawarma and falafel, are available from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, offering you a delicious and affordable midday meal option. These hours are your golden opportunity to indulge in a variety of Mediterranean dishes that not only tantalize your taste buds but also keep your wallet happy. The menu includes a range of options from succulent shawarma to flavorful kebabs and crispy falafel, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Opting for the lunch specials at Pita Inn is a smart choice if you’re looking for a cost-effective yet satisfying meal. These specials are specifically designed to provide a fulfilling dining experience without breaking the bank. However, it’s wise to check with the specific location you plan to visit for the exact special lunch offerings and times. Special offerings can vary, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on any unique dishes exclusive to certain locations.

Pita Inn Lunch Menu Details


ItemDescriptionCalories (estimate)Price
HummusCreamy chickpea dip blended with tahini, lemon juice, and garlic150$3.99
Baba GhannougRoasted eggplant dip with tahini, lemon juice, and garlic120$3.99
Jerusalem SaladFreshly diced tomatoes, cucumbers and parsley, dressed with special tahini sauce80$2.99
Tabouleh SaladFinely chopped parsley, tomatoes, onions, and cracked wheat with lemon juice and olive oil150$3.99
Stuffed Grape LeavesGrape leaves stuffed with rice, chickpeas, tomato, and parsley120$4.99


ItemDescriptionCalories (estimate)Price
Falafel SandwichDeep-fried vegetable patties made from chickpeas, fava beans, and spices500$5.49
Chicken Shawarma SandwichMarinated chicken slices, slow-roasted on a vertical spit600$6.49
Beef Shawarma SandwichMarinated beef slices, slow-roasted on a vertical spit650$6.99
Kefta Kabob SandwichGrilled ground beef mixed with parsley, onion, and spices550$6.49
Chicken Tender SandwichMarinated grilled chicken tenders500$6.49


ItemDescriptionCalories (estimate)Price
Falafel PlateFalafel with hummus, Jerusalem salad, and pita bread700$8.99
Chicken ShawarmaChicken shawarma with hummus, Jerusalem salad, rice and pita bread900$10.99
Beef ShawarmaBeef shawarma with hummus, Jerusalem salad, rice and pita bread950$11.99
Combination FeastShish kabob, kefta kabob, chicken tender, falafel with rice, salad and pita bread1200$14.99


ItemDescriptionCalories (estimate)Price
Fatoush SaladLettuce, tomato, cucumber, pita chips with special dressing300$5.99
Chicken Fatoush SaladGrilled chicken tenders over fatoush salad450$7.99
Gourmet Falafel SaladFalafel over lettuce, tomato, cucumber with tahini dressing500$7.99


ItemDescriptionCalories (estimate)Price
BaklawaLayered pastry with chopped nuts and honey syrup300$2.49
Nutella BaklawaBaklawa filled with Nutella hazelnut spread350$2.99
KinafaShredded phyllo dough with sweet cheese filling and rose water400$3.99

After exploring when to grab these deals, let’s focus on what makes the menu at Pita Inn so appealing during lunchtime.

Pita Inn’s lunch specials guarantee a selection of fresh and flavorful Mediterranean dishes that cater to a wide range of tastes. You’ll find creamy hummus and tangy baba ghannoug as appetizing starters, perfect for dipping with their hand-made pita bread. The menu shines with its marinated meats and hearty falafel, offering a satisfying crunch with every bite. Kabobs, a staple of Mediterranean cuisine, are expertly prepared, with options for meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

Moreover, the lunch specials aren’t just about the variety but also the quality. The dishes feature finely ground spices that elevate the flavors to new heights. Pita Inn’s signature hot sauce is a must-try for those who enjoy a bit of heat. It’s not only a favorite among patrons but is also available for purchase in local grocery stores, along with their original hummus. With these inviting options, Pita Inn guarantees that every lunch break is a delicious escape into Mediterranean cuisine.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

If you’re seeking a satisfying meal that aligns with vegetarian or vegan dietary preferences, Pita Inn’s menu provides a variety of flavorful options. Vegetarians and vegans alike can enjoy the delightful tastes of the Mediterranean without compromising their dietary needs. The restaurant’s dedication to fresh ingredients guarantees that every dish, from the crispy falafel to the savory hummus, is filled with authentic flavors and nutrition.

Pita Inn’s vegan selections are particularly attractive for those following a plant-based diet. The plant-based kafta kabob is a standout, offering a meatless alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste, thanks to the rich blend of Mediterranean spices. Vegetable kabobs are another popular choice, highlighting a variety of fresh vegetables grilled to perfection.

Pita Inn’s menu is carefully crafted to cater to diverse dietary preferences, making sure that everyone can enjoy a meal that’s both delicious and aligned with their dietary choices. Whether you’re craving falafel, hummus, or innovative meatless dishes like the plant-based kefta kabob, Pita Inn has you covered with its range of vegetarian and vegan options.

Exclusive Lunch Deals

For those looking for a delicious and affordable meal, Pita Inn’s exclusive lunch specials are served during specific hours, offering discounted prices on select Mediterranean favorites. When you’re trying to stick to a budget but crave a flavor-packed, satisfying meal, these lunch specials have you covered. You’ll find an array of Mediterranean dishes, including tender kabobs, crispy falafel, and fresh salads, all at prices that won’t break the bank.

These budget-friendly deals are available during the midday period, making Pita Inn the perfect spot for a lunchtime feast. Whether you’re in the mood for something light like a salad or something more substantial like kabobs, Pita Inn’s lunch specials cater to a variety of tastes and dietary needs. The discounted prices during these hours mean you can enjoy a full, hearty meal without worrying about the cost.

Next time you’re looking for a midday meal that’s delicious and easy on your wallet, remember Pita Inn’s lunch specials. They’re designed to provide a satisfying meal that celebrates the rich flavors of Mediterranean cuisine while keeping your budget in mind.

Beverage Choices

To complement your meal, Pita Inn offers a diverse selection of beverages, including traditional mint lemonade and Turkish coffee, ensuring there’s a perfect drink to match any dish. Whether you prefer hot or cold drinks, the menu caters to all preferences, enhancing the flavors of the rich Mediterranean cuisine you’re about to enjoy.

For those with a preference for cold beverages, there’s a range of options, from invigorating iced tea to various soft drinks and fresh fruit juices. These choices are rejuvenating and pair wonderfully with Pita Inn’s vibrant dishes. On the other hand, if you lean towards hot beverages, the selection of herbal teas and the richly flavored Arabic coffee offer a warming experience, perfect for rounding off your meal.

Cold PreferencesHot Beverages
Mint LemonadeTurkish Coffee
Iced Tea & Soft DrinksArabic Coffee
Fresh Fruit JuicesHerbal Teas

Each beverage is carefully selected to complement the Mediterranean cuisine, ensuring that whether your choice is hot or cold, it enhances your dining experience at Pita Inn.

How to Order in Pita Inn

If you’re visiting in person or prefer to call ahead, placing an order for Pita Inn’s enticing lunch specials is straightforward. To savor their delicious offerings, you can head to their location at 122 South Elmhurst Road, Wheeling, IL 60090. For those who’d rather save time or prefer the convenience of a phone call, dialing 847-808-7733 will connect you directly to Pita Inn, where you can easily place your order.

Before you order, it’s a good idea to check their online menu or social media accounts. This way, you’ll be aware of the latest lunch specials and offerings, which may include delectable marinated chicken, succulent lamb, and beef dishes, crispy falafel, and juicy kabobs, alongside a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. It’s also wise to inquire about any specific lunch deals, promotions, or limited-time offers they might have. This ensures you won’t miss out on any exceptional opportunities to enjoy Pita Inn’s flavorful cuisine at great value.

Customer Favorites

Pita Inn’s lunch specials, featuring customer favorites like marinated chicken and creamy hummus, cater to diverse tastes with an emphasis on fresh, halal Mediterranean flavors. You’ll find a variety of options that satisfy both meat lovers and vegetarians alike. The marinated chicken, tender and bursting with spices, is a standout, paired perfectly with Pita Inn’s hand-made pita bread. For those who prefer red meat, the lamb and beef dishes offer rich, savory flavors that are hard to resist.

Vegetarian customers aren’t left out, with hearty falafel and a range of vegetarian dishes that highlight the fresh, vibrant ingredients typical of Mediterranean cuisine. The creamy hummus and tangy baba ghannoug serve as delightful complements to any meal, bringing a creamy texture and a burst of flavor that enhances the dining experience.

Pita Inn’s commitment to fresh, halal dining is evident in every dish, ensuring that you’re not only enjoying delicious food but also consuming meals that adhere to high standards of quality. Whether you’re in the mood for meat, a vegetarian feast, or simply some of the best Mediterranean flavors around, Pita Inn’s lunch specials have you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lunch special hours at Pita Inn?

Pita Inn typically offers lunch specials from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your local Pita Inn restaurant for their specific lunch special hours, as they may vary by location.

Are the lunch specials available on weekends?

No, the lunch specials at Pita Inn are usually only available during weekdays, Monday through Friday. You can still enjoy their regular menu items at standard prices on weekends.

What types of dishes are included in the lunch specials?

Pita Inn’s lunch specials often include a variety of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes, such as shawarma, falafel, kabobs, and gyros. Depending on the specific dish and location, these specials are usually served with sides like rice, salad, or fries.

How much do the lunch specials cost?

The cost of lunch specials at Pita Inn may vary by location and specific dish. However, you can generally expect to pay between $8 and $12 for a lunch special, which is often a discounted price compared to ordering the same items from the regular menu.

Are the portion sizes of lunch specials the same as regular menu items?

Yes, the portion sizes of Pita Inn’s lunch specials are typically the same as their regular menu items. You can enjoy a filling and satisfying meal at a discounted price during special lunch hours.

Can I customize my lunch special order?

In most cases, you can customize your special lunch order at Pita Inn. You can ask the staff about available options or substitutions if you have specific dietary preferences or restrictions, such as vegetarian or gluten-free.

Are the lunch specials available for takeout or delivery?

Yes, Pita Inn’s lunch specials are usually available for takeout and delivery, depending on the location. You can place your order online, through a delivery app, or by calling the restaurant directly.

Do I need a coupon to get the lunch special prices?

No, you generally do not need a coupon to take advantage of Pita Inn’s lunch special prices. The discounted prices are available to all customers during the specified lunch special hours.

Are there any restrictions on the lunch specials?

Pita Inn’s lunch specials may have some restrictions, such as being dine-in only or not being combined with other offers or discounts. It’s always best to check with your local Pita Inn restaurant for specific restrictions or terms and conditions.

Do the lunch specials change daily or weekly?

The lunch specials at Pita Inn may change periodically, but they often remain consistent for several weeks or months at a time. You can check with your local restaurant or visit their website to see the current lunch special offerings.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options available in the lunch specials?

Pita Inn typically offers vegetarian and vegan options in their lunch specials. Some popular choices include falafel sandwiches, hummus plates, and vegetarian grape leaves. If you have specific dietary needs, asking the staff for recommendations or clarification on ingredients is always a good idea.

Is Pita Inn Owned by Palestinians?

Yes, you’re right in thinking that Pita Inn is owned by Palestinians. It was founded by Falah Tabahi, a Palestinian immigrant, and its menu, inspired by Palestinian cuisine, showcases the rich culinary heritage of Palestine.

Who Is the Owner of Pita Inn?

Are you wondering who oversees Pita Inn? It’s Falah Tabahi, who’s been at the helm since 1982. He guarantees delicious, healthy halal Mediterranean meals rooted in his passion for high-quality, flavorful food.

Is Pitta in Halal?

Yes, Pita Inn is as halal as a sunrise is certain. They’re certified, meaning you can indulge in their dishes without a second thought. Their dedication guarantees everything is prepared according to Islamic dietary guidelines.


As you sail through your day, let Pita Inn be your culinary lighthouse, guiding you to a harbor of deliciousness. With its bright lunch specials from noon to 3 PM, you’ll surely find a treasure trove of flavors.

Whether you’re a meat lover, vegetarian, or vegan, there’s a bounty waiting. Throw in exclusive deals and a sea of beverages, and your meal becomes an expedition of taste.

Don’t just set sail on your hunger; set off on a flavor-filled voyage with Pita Inn.

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